HIPAA Training for the Compliance Officer – 2023

Recorded Webinar | Mark R. Brengelman | From: Nov 09, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2022

This webinar identifies and examines the role of the HIPAA compliance officer as required to be designated under federal law.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services polices patient privacy and confidentiality violations of a health care entity, which is mandated to have a HIPAA compliance officer. The proper role and function of a HIPAA compliance officer is key to education, prevention, and remedying apparent patient confidentiality violations of protected health information.

Find out how the role of the HIPAA compliance officer can be established to comply with your healthcare organization's mandate to protect patient information. This is an intermediate webinar.

Areas Covered:-

The areas covered in this session include these learning objectives

  • Basics of HIPAA privacy and security
  • Identifying and establishing a HIPAA compliance officer
  • Duties of the compliance officer under HIPAA rules
  • Advantages and disadvantages to having your corporate legal office be designated as the HIPAA compliance officer
  • Whether you may outsource your compliance officer duties
  • What to do if you are a solo health care practitioner � can you be your office�s own HIPAA compliance officer?
  • Best practices for the use of the HIPAA compliance officer

Basic tips and techniques to have an effective, functioning HIPAA compliance officer.


HIPAA privacy and security in a health care setting; duties and obligations of a compliance officer under HIPAA

Why Should you Attend:-

This webinar examines the duties of a HIPAA compliance officer of a health care entity and its proper role in helping the health care entity comply with HIPAA regarding confidential patient protected health information.

Erase the fear, uncertainty, and doubt by knowing the proper function of the HIPAA compliance officer

Who Should Attend:-

  • HIPAA privacy officers
  • Medical records workers
  • Health care attorneys

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