Aligning Your HR Strategy with Your Business Strategy

Live Webinar | Pete Tosh | Aug 02, 2024 , 01 : 00 PM EST | 60 Minutes |  19 Days Left

A business strategy is the course of action that assists your workforce in achieving specific business objectives. It is the plan leadership implements to secure a competitive position in its market. A people strategy serves as a lever through which organizations can rally their employees around a unified, forward-looking vision.

The HR function, more than functions, engages in and affects the operation and execution of all business functions. HR functions intersect with other business functions through talent acquisition, performance management, training and development, employee retention and engagement, etc. Therefore, properly aligning the HR strategy with the organization's business strategy is critical to achieving the organization's mission.

In today's dynamic business environment, HR's role transcends a set playbook. It is about bridging the gap between HR practices and the organization's unique needs. By customizing strategies and collaborating closely with business leaders, HR can evolve into a driving force behind the company's continued success. Aligning HR strategies with the heartbeat of the organization leads to a prosperous future.

Aligning HR with the business strategy is essential for unlocking productivity, sustaining growth, and achieving corporate objectives. Today’s HR professionals can be crucial partners in assisting the business in achieving its goals through aligned HR processes.

Areas Covered:-

  • Utilizing a Strategic Frame of Reference
    • Being a Strategic HR Leader
    • Drafting Your Team’ Mission
    • The Two Key Business Objectives
    • Everybody Has a Customer
    • HR Providing Greater Value
    • Utilizing a SWOT and Then Applying a Filter
    • Completing Your Team’s Customer Report Card
    • Utilizing an I/P Matrix
    • Five Most Important Dimensions of HR Service
    • Drafting Your Team’s Vision
  • Aligning Your HR Processes with Your Business Strategy
    • Organizational Success Factors – with Samples
    • Employee Competencies – with Samples
    • Utilizing Your HR Processes to Achieve Your OSFs through Employee Competencies
  • Developing an Organizational Succession Plan
    • Succession Planning Defined - Why Bother?
    • Career Planning Interviews
    • Performance Management – Identifying Promotability and Readiness
    • Assessment Instruments
    • GE 9-Box Grid
    • HiPo Development Interventions
    • Talent Review Meetings
    • Stay Interviews
  • Utilizing Metrics to Gauge Your HR Processes
    • Benefits of HR Metrics and Dashboards
    • What is Measurement
    • Determining What to Measure Within HR
    • Five Ways to Measure Any HR Process
    • Ten HR Metrics That Impact Your Business Strategy
  • Three Questions Defining Your Success at Aligning Your HR Processes


This online seminar will provide:

  • Proven methodology for developing and implementing a strategic HR plan linked to and supporting the organization’s business plan.
  • Models, techniques, and initiatives for HR professionals to use in synchronizing their HR strategy with their organization’s strategy.
  • This means that HR professionals can provide even more value to their customers.

Why Should You Attend:-

Any business strategy consists of defined goals and initiatives that map how the business will utilize its products and services to compete. But to successfully execute a business strategy, each function within the business needs to align its departmental strategy with the overall business strategy.

And HR intersects with all other departments, making it a vital part of any business strategy. As any business strategy changes, there will be effects on its people strategy. As a business’ priorities evolve, so do its people's priorities.

Given the rapidly changing nature of business, HR does not want to operate in a silo. Organizations that weave their HR processes - such as recruitment, compensation, retention, and training - into their overall business strategy gain a competitive edge setting them up for long-term success.

Additionally, HR initiatives must be strategically timed to meet specific business needs - rapid growth, stability, or transformation - at various times. And by understanding their internal customers’ goals and challenges, HR can ensure its objectives align seamlessly with their customers’ priorities.

Implementing a system for measuring and reporting the impact of HR initiatives, coupled with a feedback loop involving business leaders, ensures a continuous cycle of improvement and alignment. Data-driven insights are key to HR's decision-making process. By leveraging analytics and feedback mechanisms to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of HR programs and policies, HR professionals can make any necessary adjustments in real-time - instead of just adopting standardized HR programs.

The dynamic business landscape of today demands more than traditional HR practices. This online seminar delves into the critical intersection of human resources and organizational strategy – with some of the key takeaways being:

  • Strategic Alignment – using multiple techniques and tools for aligning HR goals with the broader organizational strategy. Uncover the intricacies of forging a powerful, constructive collaboration between HR initiatives and business objectives
  • Maximizing Human Capital - applying initiatives to identify, develop, and retain top talent
  • Data – utilizing HR metrics that effectively measure the impact of HR strategies on business outcomes and influence key performance indicators.

Who Will Benefit:-

HR Manager or Director, CHROs, CPOs, HR Mid-level Managers, HR VPs

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