Impact Damages – Fact or Fiction?

Recorded Webinar | James G. Zack | From: Nov 09, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023

This webinar describes impact damage claims, how they differ from delay claims and provides practical examples of the causes of these claims. The webinar discusses some typical impact damage claims – the games often played with these claims and offers recommendations on how the games can be prevented.

Learning Objectives:-

This unique session will deal with this very specialized form of claim damages in a practical manner. In this session, industry veteran Jim Zack will discuss impact damages and what they may include. Attendees will gain a better understanding of impact damages and the issues surrounding this form of damage.

This session will also explore 11 types of impact damage claims. For each of the 10 types of impact damage claims, Jim will identify and discuss one or more potential defenses owners may employ to analyze and resolve impact damage issues.

Areas Covered:-

This webinar explores the following types of impact damages associated with various construction claims:

  • Bidding claims
  • RFIs – the paper war
  • Lost productivity/lost efficiency impacts
  • Delay impacts
  • Inspection claims
  • Subcontractor impacts
  • Lost revenue impacts
  • Labor impacts
  • Generic claims
  • Total cost claims


Impact damage claims are different than delay claims. While delay almost always has an impact, impact damage claims may be recoverable even in the absence of a critical path delay. The burden of proof of impact damage claims – entitlement, causation, and damages – are the same. However, causation is more difficult than forensic schedule analysis. Owners and contractors must understand the issue surrounding impact damage claims.

Why Should You Attend?

Most owners and contractors are aware of different types of claims – changes, differing site conditions, suspensions of work, acceleration, and termination claims. While most are aware of the direct costs associated with these claims, many are not familiar with the concept of impact damages and how these damages are additive to the direct cost and separate from delay costs arising from claims. This session identifies legitimate impact damages and some “claim games” centering on impact damages – how to identify these and how to defend against them.

Attendees will become familiar with some suggested defenses against such games – some of which require contract language while others are more pragmatic. The intent of the session is to advise attendees on how to resolve impact damage claims on the site and not in the courtroom. Attendees will become fully conversant with the ins and outs of impact damages, how to prepare legitimate impact damage claims; how to analyze such claims; and how to resolve such claims.

Who will Benefit?

  • Owner, contractor & subcontractor project managers & estimators
  • Construction superintendents
  • Construction & owner executives
  • Staff preparing claims.
  • Staff reviewing claims

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